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Mutual respect is the basis for collaboration. Our relations with our customers and business partners are characterised by mutual trust, respect and honesty. We work very closely together with our business partners and are committed to complying with the valid rules, regulations and legislation towards our service providers, suppliers and customers at all times. We collaborate on a fair and morally integral basis at all times.

We are independent of third parties, impartial and objective. Our independence is non-negotiable, either when gaining new customers or guiding existing customers – we convince without making financial payments to or promising other preferential treatment to contractors. Our occupational professionalism, business independence and personal integrity ensure high quality results. In the event of a conflict of interest between several contractors, we won’t get involved. The only exception is if our contractors are in express agreement with us.

We work on an objective and morally integral basis under consideration of all of the risks and opportunities. For us, integrity means an unqualified obligation to independence, objectivity and quality. The high standard that we have achieved is the result of this self-awareness – and our obligation at the same time.

We work together. We are convinced that everyone benefits from the sharing of knowledge, experience and contacts. Partnerships allow us to achieve many things. Trust is a question of authenticity, social expertise and excellence of content. Professional expertise is an integral part of our self-image. We only offer services within our field of expertise. Together with the decision-makers at the customer, we assume responsibility for the success of business and/or the project.

We act discreetly from the first day onwards, and undertake to maintain confidentiality surrounding the contractor’s internal operations. We do not send any of the knowledge or information that we gain during our collaboration to third parties. Employees and other third parties who collaborate with the customer are obliged to maintain confidentiality. We do not disclose any of our customers’ confidential business or company information. We comply with the valid provisions of the current data protection legislation. We ensure that we prevent unauthorised persons from viewing the internal documents of the customer before, during and subsequent to the collaboration.

Full compliance with the legislation and regulations in all of the countries in which we operate is our top priority.  We only accept orders which comply with the current legislation and are consistent with our values. Our business partners, service providers and suppliers are expected to work in compliance with the otherwise valid legislation, norms, guidelines and standards without exception.

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