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An experienced and modern supervisory board can help shape the wider conditions for sustainable business success, mitigate company risks and create genuine added value. The supervisory board has a considerable responsibility for ensuring the sustainable development of the business as regards the owners and/or shareholders, but also the employees (“corporate governance”).


A professional and competent supervisory board which is available to the executive team during every phase of your business, and which simultaneously ensures an efficient and effective system of company control for greater transparency and therefore a superior decision-making basis?


Experienced individuals with strategic decision-making expertise who are able to see the “bigger picture”.

FINEXCON supervisory board appointees act with moral integrity and operate independently, actively and professionally in accordance with the principles of the accepted duties of a supervisory board.

Added value due to a comprehensive preparation of the mandate, careful preparation and post-processing of meetings and committees and professional collaboration.


  • Assumption of the mandate of the supervisory or advisory board. Advising and monitoring the company. Guidance of the company policies and developing and actively shaping the risk management
  • Shared coordination of basic company decisions and the further strategic alignment with the executive team
  • Discussing the current status of the strategic implementation at regular intervals Post-processing of the business development measures with the executive board, managers, employees and members of the works council
  • Taking the concerns of the employees, shareholders and other groups associated with the company into account with the goal of achieving long-term added value
  • Regular contact with the key departments, stakeholders and decision-makers in the company. Mediation with controversial topics if required
  • Trusting, open communication and interactive exchanges in the form of a critical, consensual discourse
  • Ensuring the correct composition of the company’s executive tier. Appointment and dismissal of the executive board and long-term succession planning
  • Determination and assessment of a system of remuneration as well as an appropriate overall remuneration of the individual members of the executive board
  • Regular assessment of the effectiveness of the work of the supervisory board. Collaboration with the auditors


FINEXCON assumes the mandate of the supervisory or advisory board with an experienced representative, and advises, supports or guides the company.

We act as an independent member of the supervisory board, free from orders and instructions, and we do not assume any supervisory board mandates at competing companies or groups. We are only advising and monitoring a company in accordance with its interests.

FINEXCON provides these services against monthly payment, so that you can focus on the market and your customers. Benefit from our understanding of operational and financial processes, our dedication and focus as well as our strength of realisation. We create transparency, reliability and integrity – including in a dynamic, internationally aligned business environment.


Upon their assumption of the mandate and when exercising their duties, FINEXCON supervisory board appointees have the required skills, knowledge and professional experience, as well as the time-related possibilities required for the statutory fulfilment of the duties of the supervisory board.

FINEXCON fulfils its duty of care when selecting the suitable appointees to the supervisory board, so that when selecting appointees to the supervisory board, we can ensure that:

  • appointees to supervisory boards shall only handle a limited number of mandates at any given time
  • objectivity is guaranteed and that there are no conflicts of interest with other customers, suppliers or business partners of the company, and
  • the appointees to the supervisory board partake in the required training and education necessary for their tasks.

FINEXCON is independent, competent and performs effectively, and therefore fulfils the requirements of corporate governance.


Call us now or send us an email with your contact details and/or a brief description of your company and/or your enquiry. In a shared exchange of views, it is then possible for solution and benefit-oriented concepts to be discussed at greater depth and the possibilities of a collaboration to be developed individually.

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