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Many operational sequences in the areas of accounting, human resources management and purchasing are repetitive activities, all of which have to be mapped out correctly and on schedule, but also on a cost effective and audit or accounts-compliant basis.

To fulfil these continuously developing requirements, many companies use up valuable resources on “half-way” solutions instead of focusing on their core areas of expertise and their own, original business goals.

The professional shaping and completion of the operational transactions management forms the basis for the quality of all of the subsequent reports, analyses and decision-making bases as well as the reduction of company risks. At the same time, potential synergies are frequently available in this area which can be realised rapidly and securely.


A strong partner for the handling and completion of the accounting, human resources management and/or the personnel office and purchasing of your company?

More scope, time and capacity so that you can focus more on your customers and your market?

Possibilities to reduce the high structural, administration and processing costs at your company?

Needs-based expertise so as to be able to respond to the continuously changing and increasing requirements in the area of finance and accounting, human resources and purchasing and/or law of contract/obligation on a financially appropriate basis?


The full assumption of all the operational tasks in the fields of accounting, human resources management and purchasing, in consideration of a comprehensive supply chain management.

The cost-effective shaping of the services through participation in our experience, tried-and-tested industry standards and purchasing power

Professional contact for internal and external employees, business partners, service providers, banks, accounting firms, tax consultants and authorities, as well as court representation


Focus on efficiency, quality and regularity with the use of professional systems, processes and tools.


  • Accounts receivable accounting, dunning and receivables management
  • Accounts payable accounting, auditing and payments traffic
  • General ledger and fixed asset accounting
  • Comprehensive supervision in the area of tax law, from the compilation of tax declarations, the tax planning, the documentation of all the tax processes for the tax office and the internal company management, to the assessment of international tax-related matters
  • Completion of the cost allocation between the independent businesses in a company group
  • Organisation, auditing, entry and payment of the travel cost invoices
  • Liquidity management, disposition and cash management
  • Compilation of financial assessments and monthly, quarterly and annual financial statements with P&L and balance sheet according to the local GAAP (HGB) and international accounting standards
  • Offsetting to the cost types, cost centres, cost units and contribution margin accounting
  • Provision of guidance and acting as personal contact for external and internal audits, banks, accountants, tax consultants and authorities
  • Interface management and leadership of the internal financial team


Human Resources Management

  • Completion of the wage and salary accounting and the payroll accounting
  • Personnel recruitment – from the job description, the management and supervision of interviews and selection processes, to the successful induction until the completion of the probationary period
  • Recruitment and management of interim managers, staff leasing and temporary staff
  • Supervision of staff during all situations and regular communication
  • Staff development, including the development and completion of further training, vocational training and education measures
  • Personnel controlling, personnel planning and performance management
  • Interface management and the management of the internal HR department



  • Costs, deadline and quality-aligned procurement of goods and services
  • Operational settlement of the order processes and all of the additional related work steps
  • Compilation of contracts for framework agreements, deliveries and services
  • Organisation, preparation, post-processing and leadership of purchasing and contractual negotiations
  • The strategic and operational management of suppliers and partners, and the shaping of a modern, professional supply chain management structure
  • The completion of price and market analyses for groups of products and services
  • Interface management and the management of the internal purchasing department


FINEXCON advises, supports and guides your company in the shaping and completion of the operational transactions management in the area of accounting, HR management and purchasing in the role, function and intensity that you require.

FINEXCON provides these services against monthly payment, so that you can focus on the market and your customers. Benefit from our understanding of operational and financial processes, our dedication and focus as well as our strength of realisation. We create transparency, reliability and integrity – including in a dynamic, internationally aligned business environment.


FINEXCON has wide-ranging experience and expertise in a variety of functions and as a business partner in all the developmental phases of a company – from the “creation and structuring,” “organic and inorganic growth”, “mergers and acquisitions”, “change management / turnaround” through to “consolidation and liquidation”. We will stay by your side even if things get difficult or become confusing.

FINEXCON doesn’t define itself on the basis of the placement of personnel, but on the basis of the successfully provided professional service, and therefore enables every company to participate in professional structures and modern operational transaction management instruments.

FINEXCON is familiar with a variety of different business models and works with the latest tools and media according to successful and tried-and-tested industry standards. Through the shared discovery and realisation of potential, the overall business situation improves appreciably in terms of the income situation, profitability and market share of the company, with the simultaneous optimisation of its risk portfolio.

Due to its conceptual alignment and structure, FINEXCON is able to draw on the suitable and appropriate quantitative and qualitative capacity for being able to support you in every phase and in every situation in which your company finds itself on a professional and individual basis.


Call us now or send us an email with your contact details and/or a brief description of your company and/or your enquiry. In a shared exchange of views, it is then possible for solution and benefit-oriented concepts to be discussed at greater depth and the possibilities of a collaboration to be developed individually.

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