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Phase Management (BPM)

Following their foundation, all companies go through different developmental phases. Knowing and recognising these phases provides the basis for superior decision-making and the selection of the suitable measures, and is therefore decisive to the company’s success.


An overview and an in-depth understanding of the developmental phase in which your company finds itself and the specific opportunities, risks and options that result?

You aren’t progressing. Your company is stagnating (growth, profit, capital) and you don’t know why, and you are seeking approaches so as to positively shape the further development?

Do you have to take decisions, prioritise measures and allocate resources correctly, and do you need support? What is right, and to what extent and in which order?


We know all the business development phases from our own experience, and have developed, shaped and accompanied them successfully – from the early phase of the foundation, development and structuring, the middling growth and maturity phase, characterised by organic and inorganic growth, mergers and acquisitions and restructuring, to the late phase, including change management / turnaround and the consolidation and/or the liquidation of the company.

Professional analysis and support as well as the long-term guidance of your company during all the developmental phases. The shared determination of the current situation of the company, its performance and the identification of the critical success factors. The development of measures, alternative causes of action, scenarios, and a realistic timetable for the implementation of the measures



  • Creation of business / project plans and concept development
  • Planning of the functional divisions, organisation and processes at the company
  • Procurement of funding and capital
  • Planning, development and organisation of the business structures and processes
  • Start-up and/or initialisation of the company, market launch and/or start of the production
  • Efficiency assessments, controlling and support for the decision-making right from the start



  • Professional development and standardisation of the business structures and processes
  • Organisational development – the determination, qualification, extension and adaptation of the qualitative and quantitative internal capacities, and of the external network of business partners
  • Introduction of modern steering instruments, information management systems, decision-making committees and procedures as well as the shaping of the communication
  • Identification of further potential for differentiation and diversification so as to generate additional growth and profitability in the event of degenerating life cycles of products, markets and customer structures
  • Identification, development and implementation of efficiency measures to reduce complexity and to focus on the current and future potential as well as interactions with other markets, products or sales channels
  • Preparation, assessment and completion of mergers & acquisitions
  • Operational, strategic and conceptual restructuring, and the realignment of the company for launching a new and profitable phase of growth



  • Safeguarding of the assets, extension of the company phase if required, and/or steered regression or restructuring on the basis of a comprehensive change management programme
  • Active, systematic risk management
  • Completion of due diligence; determination of the sale price of the company
  • Exit planning | sale, liquidation, development of transfer of ownership concepts, seeking partners for succession arrangements and the liquidation of the company


FINEXCON advises, supports and guides your company in every area of business – financial matters and accounting, controlling, human resources, IT, organisation, supply chain management including purchasing and logistics, as well as programme and project management – in the role, function and intensity that you require.

FINEXCON provides these services against monthly payment, so that you can focus on the market and your customers. Benefit from our understanding of operational and financial processes, our dedication and focus as well as our strength of realisation. We create transparency, reliability and integrity – including in a dynamic, internationally aligned business environment.


FINEXCON has wide-ranging experience and expertise in a variety of functions and as a business partner in all the developmental phases of a company – from the “creation and structuring,” “organic and inorganic growth”, “mergers and acquisitions”, “change management / turnaround” through to “consolidation and liquidation”. We will stay by your side even if things get difficult or become confusing.

FINEXCON doesn’t define itself on the basis of the placement of personnel, but on the basis of the successfully provided professional service, and therefore enables every company to participate in professional structures and modern phase management instruments.

FINEXCON is familiar with a variety of different business models and works with the latest tools and media according to successful and tried-and-tested industry standards. Through the shared discovery and realisation of potential, the overall business situation improves appreciably in terms of the income situation, profitability and market share of the company, with the simultaneous optimisation of its risk portfolio.

Due to its conceptual alignment and structure, FINEXCON is able to draw on the suitable and appropriate quantitative and qualitative capacity for being able to support you in every phase and in every situation in which your company finds itself on a professional and individual basis.


Call us now or send us an email with your contact details and/or a brief description of your company and/or your enquiry. In a shared exchange of views, it is then possible for solution and benefit-oriented concepts to be discussed at greater depth and the possibilities of a collaboration to be developed individually.

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