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Demerger Management

Splitting and division of an entire company into individual, independently operating companies. A demerger is a form of corporate restructuring in which the business activities of the company are broken down into one or more components. It is the reversal of a merger, acquisition or takeover.


Divisions and demergers can be carried out for various business and non-business reasons, such as government intervention, antitrust law or decartelization.


Division and split of a company by hiving off, distributing or transferring the shares in a subsidiary which the company holds to shareholders carrying out the division.

Demerger and division of an enterprise by transferring the relevant business activity to a new company or enterprise to which the shareholders of the company are then issued.

Reversal of a merger or acquisition. The assets are sold and not held under a renamed entity.


Process-oriented project and risk management. Consulting, support and assistance by the DEMERGER PHASE MODEL:

PHASE I: Analysis & Decision

Detailed analysis and evaluation

  • Review of the corporate objectives
  • Company and environment analysis
  • Evaluation of the alternatives
  • Delimit ability of the areas
  • Availability of resources and capacities
  • Assessment of the internal and external acceptance of the decision
  • Provision of company data and information base
  • Prognosis of the effects
  • Cost/benefit evaluation (advantages/disadvantages)
  • Risk assessment (opportunities/risks)
  • Company valuation / Audit
  • Review of restrictions on action 


PHASE II: Concept & Planning

Focus, delimitation and project planning

  • Definition of the disintegration line and concept development
  • Mission statement of the project, objective and justification
  • Project organization, resource allocation and capacity planning (internal / external)
  • PMO | Process-oriented management and control of Demerger processes, taking into account the strategic, financial, shareholder and employee perspective
  • Preparation of the affected business and specialist areas
  • Action planning (100 days)
  • Time and milestone planning
  • Information and communication planning
  • Roles, tasks and responsibilities


PHASE III: Implementation & Realization

Organizational, administrative and operational disintegration

  • Transfer of tangible and intangible resources
  • Ensuring operational continuity
  • Conservation of resources through accompanying measures
  • Release, exchange or integration of existing managers in the business and specialist divisions
  • Management of the personnel change processes
  • Cultural disintegration and value orientation
  • System harmonization, integration and consolidation
  • Monitoring and control of implementation


FINEXCON advises, supports and accompanies your company in its promotion and development in the role, function and intensity you need.

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FINEXCON has extensive project experience in all development phases of a company – from “Building and Structuring”, “Organic and Inorganic Growth”, “Mergers and Acquisitions”, “Change Management / Turnaround” to “Consolidation and Settlement”.  We stay, even when things get difficult and confusing.

FINEXCON does not define itself by the placement of personnel, but by the professional services it successfully provides, thus enabling every company to participate in professional structures and modern instruments of project management.

FINEXCON is familiar with many different business models and works according to successful, proven industry standards with state-of-the-art tools and media.

Due to its own conceptual orientation and corporate structure, FINEXCON has suitable, appropriate quantitative and qualitative capacities to provide you with professional and individual support in every phase and situation of your company. Additional quantitative and qualitative capacities can be integrated quickly and unbureaucratically if required.


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