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Companies are subject to continuous change in a dynamic world which is changing all the time. The way in which the risk management is configured is a critical factor for the success of a company.

The continuous assessment and steering of company risks is one of the core tasks of business management. A proactive risk management has a sustainable and positive impact on the further development of the company and is therefore of significant importance.

At the same time, an efficient and effective risk management is one of the key requirements of owners, shareholders, partners, investors and lenders, business partners and suppliers, as well as the employees at the company and its executive team. A negligent approach to risks can rapidly present a threat to a company’s very existence. This applies to newly established small and medium-sized companies in particular.


The professional assessment and management of company risks, risks to your investment, the provision of credit, your holding or your company?

The efficient possibility for a proactive risk management to reduce costs and risks and to optimise your performance at the same time?

Effective, established and expedient risk management for an existing or planned external financing project (credit, investment, holding,   )?

The opportunity to consistently fulfil the constantly tightening legal or regulatory requirements surrounding risk prevention towards companies and/or managers?

A professional contact who is available to assist you above and beyond the safeguarding of the company and/or investment or default risks as a contact partner?


The systematic planning, implementation and monitoring of the risk management throughout the life span and in every developmental phase of a company. Risk management is an ongoing process.

The professional analysis, assessment and management of risks due to transparency, objectivity and the use of modern systems, reports and analyses.

The development, shaping, introduction and accompanying of a company-wide efficient and effective risk and monitoring structure in addition to the formal process organisation of the risk management.


Risk management for companies:

  • Ensuring the effectiveness of the risk management process according to the valid standards and regulations
  • Planning, preparation and post-processing of risk analyses and the hosting of risk analysis meetings
  • Creation of risk-benefit assessments in collaboration with selected departments
  • Ensuring the complete risk management documentation
  • Maintenance and further development of the risk management process and the associated systems and tools
  • Development and optimisation of an internal control system
  • Compilation of regular reports to the executive team and/or the executive board


 Risk management for holdings, investments and loans:

  • Operational and strategic management and oversight of the holdings and/or subsidiaries at home and abroad. Setting the overall budget. Fixed costs management of the central international departments
  • Monitoring, analysis and evaluation of company holdings and key company divisions from the point of view of earnings and a value-oriented company management. Analysis of the monthly results of the subsidiaries.
  • Compilation of regular management reports. Organisation, coordination and compilation of the financial reporting.
  • Compilation of the short-term and long-term planning as well as forecasts of companies and/or groups of companies, particularly the coordination of the strategic development. Collaboration with the creation of the consolidated planning
  • Development, introduction and documentation of an effective and efficient internal control system (ICS)
  • Collaboration with the development and introduction of controlling, key figure and early warning systems
  • Completion of valuation processes in the scope of investment and M&A projects. Deriving recommended courses of action for the executive board and supervisory board
  • Participation in M&A projects
  • Special projects and ad-hoc analyses of the executive team, the executive board and/or the owners, shareholders, lenders and/or investors


Auditing as risk management:

  • Organisation and coordination of all tasks in the area of auditing.
  • Regular reporting to stakeholders, the executive team and supervisory board committees with a transparent flow of information and the implementation of preventive measures.
  • Supporting the company management in the understanding of its controlling function and management tasks through the completion of independent, internal audits
  • External auditing as an auditing body which is appointed by the executive team, the annual general meeting and/or the owners.
  • Process and risk-oriented auditing of business processes from the points of view of efficiency, correctness and functionality
  • Planning, preparation and completion of audits, weak-point analyses and ad-hoc audits as well as the compilation of audit reports
  • Optimisation and further development of the methods and processes. Monitoring of the risk management system


FINEXCON advises, supports and guides your company in the development, shaping, introduction and completion of the risk management so as to safeguard your investment, loan, holding or your company in the role, function and intensity that you require.

FINEXCON provides these services against monthly payment, so that you can focus on the market and your customers. Benefit from our understanding of operational and financial processes, our dedication and focus as well as our strength of realisation. We create transparency, reliability and integrity – including in a dynamic, internationally aligned business environment.

This includes both the initial and/or one off development and introduction, as well as the cost-efficient and regular guidance of an efficient, effective and purposeful systemic and systematic risk management system.


FINEXCON has wide-ranging project experience in systemic and systematic risk management in all the developmental phases of a company – from the “creation and structuring,” “organic and inorganic growth”, “mergers and acquisitions”, “change management / turnaround” through to “consolidation and liquidation”. We will stay by your side even if things get difficult or become confusing.

FINEXCON doesn’t define itself on the basis of the placement of personnel, but on the basis of the successfully provided professional service, and therefore enables every company to participate in professional structures and modern project management instruments.

We are familiar with a variety of different business models and work with the latest tools and media according to successful and tried-and-tested industry standards.

Due to its conceptual alignment and structure, FINEXCON is able to draw on the suitable and appropriate quantitative and qualitative capacity for being able to support you in every phase and in every situation in which your company finds itself on a professional and individual basis, and to optimally shape your risk management according to your requirements. Additional quantitative and qualitative capacities can be incorporated rapidly and without undue fuss if


Call us now or send us an email with your contact details and/or a brief description of your company and/or your enquiry. In a shared exchange of views, it is then possible for solution and benefit-oriented concepts to be discussed at greater depth and the possibilities of a collaboration to be developed individually.

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